The Rules

  • To form a team select the amount of players necessary for your team (5,7 or 11 - depending on your club settings). Each team must consist of 1 player from each position.
  • The total value of your squad must not exceed your given budget.
  • There are no substitutes
  • There are no captains
  • The value below on a player in your team on the Transfers page indicates how much you can sell that player for, if a players value increases during the season then you will only be able to sell them for their original value.
    For example: buy a player for £4.7m, their value increases to £5m, you can only sell them for £4.7m.
  • Player values will be calulated every 3 games they play.
  • Minimum value for a player is £3.5m & the maximum value for a player is £7m
  • Budgets are as follows:
    • 5 players: £30m
    • 7 players: £42m
    • 11 players: £65m

Point Scoring


Action Points
Assist 3
Penalty Miss -2
Penalty Save 5
Man of the match 5
Yellow card -1
Red card -3
Own Goal -2
Started 2
Playing Sub 1

Position Specific Points:


Action Points
Goal 8
Concede less than 2 goals 2
For every 3 saves 2
Clean Sheet 4


Action Points
Goal 6
Clean Sheet 4


Action Points
Goal 5
Clean Sheet 1


Action Points
Goal 4